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Hello all, here you can find info regard mac pro repairs. Information about general and common issues, prices.

How to fix it by yourself – Free tutorials and support.

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Hello, my name is hagy and I'm the admin of "walla forum"

My lab locate in Ramat Gan (Center area) - Israel.

Please contact with any issue and I will help you with fix.

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Another toturial apple fix 9comp


Reset your hardware setting

This method fix a lot of hardware issue.

Try this it's not delete any User data


Reset PRAM

Start the mac and hold keys: command + alt + R + P without release until the black screen flush.


Reset SMC

Better to remove the battery!

If you can't > shout down the mac > connect mag safe > press keys Command + alt + shift + power button until the mac power on



The mac Run very slow

This common issue appear on old macs - 4-7 years old.

 Usually - the hard drive part start frazzled.

First run speed test for the drive by using black magic software


Compare your results

Here you can find speed result of new drives.

Regular Drive (Sata)

Macbook pro model 2008-2010 with regular drive 100mb/s read 100ms/s write

Macbook pro Models 2011-2012 with regular drive 130/mb read 110 write


SSD Drive

Retina late 2013-2014 (ssd) 700mb read 500mb write

The new retina 2015 can have 1000Mb Read/Write

Macbook air 2010 180Mb

Macbook Air 2011-2012 350Mb Read/Write

Macbook Air 2013-2014 500Mb /Read/write

The Mac Air 750Mb Read 500Mb Write


New SSD drive on "old macbook pro" models (2008-2010) – 250MB Read 180Mb Write

SSD on 2011-2012 have 500Mb Read and 250Mb Write.


If your Drive have 60-70mb per second – you should replace you drive Next 1-2 Years.

If 50-40mb you should replace it soon.

Better to upgrate SSD Drive.

Mac with SSD + 8GB Ram can run any software with good performance!


Delete cache Files

By deleting cache files, you can fix many OS X issues!

"Cache" folders locate on 3 different path.

  1. In "mac hd" drive \library folder
  2. In "mac hd" drive \system folder
  3. Go (menu) > go to folder > write  ~/library and press enter

Delete all files in the "Cache" folder! Do a restart > Empty "Tash".


You can download cleaner to clear cache files!

Copy the apps > Run it > choose application "ligule" > Mark "cache" checkbox (at the end). Choose "Run" button.

Better to close all apps before using!


Remove Ads

Ads are most popular on OS X Software! Apps like "Mackeeper", "JustCloud" are take control of the system.

Google chrome, firefox, safari browsers are jumping Commercials, ads must be removed.

This "Shit" is kill the function, and make troubles and lagging.

Download "Adwaremedic"

this is free software should be are. Quit all apps before use it.


Hadware issues!


GPU – Graphics card

Macbooks have many GPU issues. When it's happened the laptop start with "gray screen" or just restart on work!

On Models 2009-2012 (Regular macbook pro) this repair cost 1400Nis.

On Retina models 1800Nis


Question Mark sign ? or Earth icon at Start

Most of the time, the Hard Drive hardware sould be replaced!


For Macbook pro 2009-2012

1 tera sata drive cost 900Nis include installation and new os x

240gb SSD cost 950Nis

480GB SSD cost 1300Nis

960GB SSD Cost 1800Nis


For Mac Air & retina

The repairs are more expensive.

The drive start from 1500Nis.


Some times, the hardware is good but the OS X is lost! need to format the drive and install fresh OS.


Keyboard & TrackPad issues

The part must be replaced. No lab can fix the current part. This is a wast of time.

A new part include work & install start from 500NIS

For Retina models 600-800NIS.


Hope this info good for you. It will be glad to serve you. Hagy Levy

0507192019 Hagy - Israel Country (+972).

I invite you to ask any Question you have. Have a nice Day!

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