Spill Cleaning macbook (water, coffe) Fix Repair

Hello Guys!

Hope you doing well...

My name is Hagy and I'm the admin of Walla Mac forum and 9comp.com website

I'm a technician and have lab of Macintosh Repair in Ramat Gan


About the service (clean Liquid) fix

 Part of my services is to clean macbooks apple laptop the that damage from Water spill, Coffe, Wine or any liquid.

I used special materials that cleaning the liquid from the mainlogicboard and make the macbook alive again

90-95% It's success without replace a parts


Costs and time

The costs depend of the macbook models and the time I invest to clean all parts (particular the logicboard

average of 650-900 Nis

The fix take 3-6 hours but better the keep the mac in the lab for few days to check that everything work fine.


Hard Drive Risk

Most of the time, the Hard Drive don't damage becuase the corrosion so you data is safe.

Before we start the proccess, we can do a test drive and estime if data loss.

Most of the time, this is not neccessery to clean the Hard Drive from liquid.


Why me

I have experiance with macs. 8 years.

I fix issues in OS X operating system, replace all hardware like mainboards, Hard Drive, Trackpads, AC, Battaries.

I work slow, Pro, and give your machine all the attention need.


Contact Me - Hagy Levy Mac Repair

My mobile: 0507192019

Email: online@9comp.com

you can call each day on 9:00-19:00 

Friday 14:00

You can send email to me 24 hours. Sometimes I online at night

Best Regards, Hagy








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נייד: 0507192019

דוא"ל: online@9comp.com

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