the truthe about "Palestinian"

I always enjoy reading it over and over again.

*a comment of Arab woman called Samar from Haifa:

"We are not Israel's Arabs. We are Palestinians, citizens of Israel. And our nationality is only technical thing include passport and ID of Israel that we presenting in the Institutions which asking for. W-e has a nation – we are Palestinians and not Israeli Arabs and we don't connect to this country. Y-o-u the "Israelis" is without nationality, y-o-u have a religion called "Judaism", y-o-u belong to "Israel" not us. You only created your language and nothing more, you didn’t succeed create nothing in 65 years of stay in an occupied land. You're without a culture, or something to being proud of. You came with nerve from across the world and wanted to realize your privilege for self-realization on other nation's right. The version peace of Rabin you killed and we don't have anything to talk with you."

*this is the comment of Drora, Israel's resident:

"Hello Samar from Haifa,

In the Israel's area there's no one Arab people who don't have an Arabic homeland country.  And because of this, you – Arab people – invaded/introduction to Israel with encouragement and support of the Ottoman conqueror and the British conqueror but you didn't become the owner of this land.

Open the map of the world, an Arab woman from Israel, you'll find out that the area of 22 Arab countries is bigger than all Europe, a large area which can't describe, rich in resources and oil. So, it kind of looks OK that to the Jewish people has one little tiny land without sharing it with more Muslim's people, no?

Let me tell you about the "Palestinian" nation. You're noting more then a Muslim fiction witch your gold is occupy Israel country.
The Romans that occupied the Israel land called it Palestine's province, named of the Philistines – some pirates with red hair that came from Europe! And disappears from the area, 1,600 years before Muhammad!
There isn't connection between the Arabian and them. Not genetic, not cultural, not religious, and not historic, even not geographic. In the same way the Romans could called it Switzerland's province, that was makes you Swiss?

About the Israel's land, Samar chose any historic documentation or historic map. Any historian excepted on the international academy to show us where Palestine, when in the human historic exist nation called "Palestinian". Who you are? Where you form came? And what is your connection to Israel? I can’t find, everywhere I checked in, even in your Koran written that this is an Israel country, for the Jewish nation.
There is a British documentation, an Ottoman documentation and documentations of all the occupations which was on this Israel land. Well, let's agree that if you'll find any documentation that is not a part of your publicity, I'll be happy to read.

You are nothing more than an accidental part of Muslims factions around the world, that all hate each other like… like the hate on us. Actually this hate is what uniting you together – the Zionism hatred. It's a miserable basic to create on that nation. In 1948 the number of the Arabs who lived here was the same number of the Jewish who lived here, the twentieth century was a century of immigration and population exchanges around the globe. All the Jewish from Arab countries came to their homeland, and all the Arabs were supposed to go back their Arab's homeland.

Not only that you didn't do it, you keep infiltrate and penetrate in any sophisticated way, when the Israel's weak policy lets you.
Actually, you have a Palestinian country – it called "Jordan". But no, you want 3 Palestine! Jordan, the new "Palestine" in Gaza and the Arabs in Israel which recognize themselves "Palestinians" so when in a decade or two the Jewish population will be less than the Arab population in Israel.

Even if the left scatters you illusions which full your hearts with a big hope: you will have back to your homeland.
Over the years, with the Zionist settlement you adopted yourselves the Jewish ethos – the Jerusalem's sanctity and return to Zion.
Indeed, you built a Masque on the center of the Jewish sanctuary but your holy city is Mecca not Jerusalem and your return privilege are to an Arab homeland not to Israel.

In summary, I'm asking you to read the book of Mark Twin. In 1867 Twin explored in Israel and didn't found Palestinians or Arab villages. He saw only abounded land, fever and dry sands.
All the heaven's here built the Jewish genius, no wonder you and your brothers wanted it!

And if you sit in your home which connected to electricity and typing a resound in your computer it's because the Zion's let you living in a different level than your 99% Arab sisters countries.

Drora - Jewish Israel's citizen, the owner."

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