what am I going to study ?

hello First of all I am writing in Engilsh cause I am in Australia right now I am 26,and still don't know what I want to study when I will go back to Israel I studied computers and electonics but I know it's not what I am looking for I think I am very good with writing such as songs,stories I have no idea how I can make money from my talent you can answer me in Hebrew thank you very much Gili.


Hi Gili, Having fun down there in Australia? I'm sure you are. Yet, your are a bit concerned about your future. You say you are "very good with writing such as songs, stories", but have no idea how you can make money from your talent. Well, first you should feel lucky. Not all of us have a talent. The talent you have doesn't necessarily makes your life an easy one, (at least not at this point of your life) but it's an asset. Most people that want to make a career in writing have to have, at least in the first stages of their career " an umbrella" or " an insurance policy" (do I sound like your parents? (-: ). Some of the people that later on become well-known writers, poets etc. chose as an income source careers in journalism, teaching, public relations and other areas. Have you considered one of these? If you are interested in journalism, and being in Australia, you might want to write some reports on Australia (on different topics like- native Australians culture, landscape) and send them to various papers and magazines in Israel. See if they want to print them- even free of charge- to gain some experience in that field. Some of the most prominent reporters started this way. So why not give it a chance? In the mean time, enjoy the rest of your trip!
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